Healthy Food Was Never So Newsworthy

Published May, 2006

In the Scene Magazine

Extra! Extra!  You’ll want to read all about this hip and happening but chilled out Beverly Hills favorite that serves up healthy and creative dishes and tantalizing drinks along with a dollop of media.  The Newsroom Café, on the trendy stretch of Robertson Blvd and across the street from the Ivy, another Beverly Hills hot spot, is a one of the finest people watching and celeb frequented joints in town.  Pretty people come in droves to sample the healthy California cuisine and laid back atmosphere.

Waiting for a table on a weekend can be a time consuming activity since The Newsroom only accepts reservations for breakfast and lunch for parties of 8 or more.  So while you will most likely wait to be seated, there are plenty of activities in which to engage while you linger in line.  For starters, you can check your email on the café’s computer.  Or, you can browse through the vast and impressive selection of newspapers and magazines for sale.  The mélange of rare and hard to find magazines attract those who are hungry for news, as well as their morning latte.

There is something for everyone at the Newsroom Café.  The menu is laced with vegan and vegetarian options but they also cater to those who have not shunned meat from their diets.  Organic, healthy and exotic seems to be the kitchen’s mantra.  Recipes hail from all over the world, and exotic teas, coffees as well as imported beers aim to please foodies.

Although the interior dining room is vast with many tables, it is often crowded.  It can be overwhelming to the senses.  People meet, greet and wait in the foyer and noise levels rise at the tables while fruit drinks are blended behind the bar.  The outdoor patio provides a more quaint and private dining experience.

It is clear why Newsroom devotees keep coming back for more.  Each dish is creative and runs the gamut of international spices and flavors.  Words like cage free, free-range, low fat, grilled, steamed, organic, soy and whole wheat grace the menu.  It is amazing what their kitchen can do without the use of the normal quantities of oil, butter and fat.  Poached eggs are delicious in their simplicity, served with either basil and balsamic or parmesan and red chile.  The Salvadoran Pupusa is a wonderfully hearty dish.  The cheese and herb stuffed tortilla nicely soaks up the glassy egg yolks.  You can enjoy traditional steak and eggs, although their beef is free-range, all natural and hormone free.   The frittata style omelet with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella is light and fluffy and especially flavorful in its use of the freshest, boldest ingredients.

While breakfast is an all day affair at the Newsroom, salads and sandwiches are offered aplenty.  If the Tandoori chicken salad or the Indonesian Gado Gado don’t strike your fancy, there are a variety of Caesars or a chopped salad.  All sandwiches and burgers, both chicken and veggie, are served on a toasted multi-grain health bun.  Pastas and other heartier platters are also available. 

Texture and flavor are clearly the most important elements in the newsrooms cooking, as they experiment with tofu, cheeses, eggs, grains and fruits.  The fire-grilled artichoke is served alongside a pesto-tofunnnaise vegan dip that is bursting with so much tangy and creamy flavor I could hardly believe it wasn’t diary!

Blended juice smoothies are terrific and refreshing and the coffee, made from organic fair trade beans, is bold, rich and oaky.

The Newsroom staff is committed to serving healthy and seasonal fare at affordable prices.  Whether you are starting your day with a vanilla latte and a bowl of pasta and eggs or closing the evening with a vegetarian barbeque chicken drumstick and wildberry martini, you can feel good about everything you eat at the Newsroom Café.

Newsroom Cafe
120 N Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048