Kate Sonders

Hello Readers!

I’m Kate, a Westchester-based food writer and cake enthusiast. I live in Irvington, NY, a little village just outside New York City. I spend my time scribbling, cooking, imbibing, seeking seasonal ingredients and playing with my scrumptious six-year-old son, a budding cook himself. I also teach children’s cooking classes.

I started my blog in 2007 as an outlet to quell my professional guilt after a very brief stint in culinary school. It began as a simple, unadorned creative diary, a place to document my kitchen experiments and improve my craft. After several incarnations, Kate Sonders Food Writer has become a seasonal journal showcasing the elegance of eating and the written word.

I draw inspiration from New York City’s greenmarkets and Westchester’s farms. I love fresh, seasonal produce; all-encompassing aromatics and flavor nuances inspire my palate and my pen. I find my muse in nature’s dewy greens, electric oranges, sunny yellows and fiery reds. My cooking style is indulgent yet fresh, flavorful and accessible.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope it inspires you to consider nature’s vast poetry!


*All written content, recipes and photography, unless otherwise noted, are property of Kate Sonders Food Writer.