A Golden Cake for a Golden Birthday

Cakes • 15 Nov 2016

Gold is luminous, lustrous, reflective. Gold leaf is a gossamer thin sheath so delicate it flutters and fails to adhere to any rules, any standards, any attempt at submission.


I struggled with a steady hand to control the gold leaf as I decorated my cake, placing it haphazardly on the sides with a shiny silver tweezer. It swirled in the still air, failing to conform and landing on the icing on a whim. Shimmery pieces of precious metal, as light as air, adhere to the smooth buttercream in a rather modern design, a design of its choice. I gently apply pressure, I flick my wrist, attempting to flatten the weightless leaf. Gold leaf, like the wind, is a force of nature.

The cake was made for my mother-in-law’s birthday. It is an orange zest brown butter vanilla cake with vanilla bean frosting, topped with gold meringues and gold leaf.


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