A Cake To Celebrate Five Years

Cakes, Misc. musings • 25 Apr 2015

I know I’m not the only mother inspired by my offspring, to possess feelings that cannot be contained within the confines of my fallible flesh. Perhaps it is prosaic to say that I am overcome with love and joy when I gaze onto him, amazed at his progress from chubby baby to strong-willed toddler to clever young boy.


When I peer into his sea-blue eyes, when my slightly dry, chapped hands caress his tender, silken cheek, slightly flushed from the unbridled energy that lives within a small child, my veins expand with warm lush liquid and my heart siphons sugary tingles. His liltingly lovely voice ameliorates that which ails me.

Five years have passed, flown really, since his birth, a veritable roller coaster of emotion. Postpartum set me sailing on a blasphemous sinking ship, driving a wedge between my psyche and my physical being. Fear and resentment eventually splintered. The loneliness rippled and flowed downstream, replaced by a haunting euphoria, which I gripped as if it would expire. Parenthood is stress, adoration, mirth and mind-boggling love so strong it often aches.


My boy tears up with laughter so easily it inspires; I’m in awe of his facility with humor. He’s smart, quick-witted, and suffice it to say, a rapscallion like any other five year old. A bit of an old soul with a gentle, sensitive temperament, he would rather listen to The Beatles and Led Zeppelin on vinyl than almost anything. And he LOVES cake. For his birthday I made him a Beatles-themed cake using Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate wedding cake and vanilla bean frosting. I created a fondant yellow submarine and black sea holes, his favorite scene from the Yellow Submarine film.

It was perhaps the best present I could have given him, except for his new junior drum kit. Add earplugs to the list of parenting necessities.

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