Holiday Cupcakes

Cakes • 24 Dec 2014

I haven’t decorated a cake in a half dozen weeks. My last project involved my first foray into homemade fondant and the results, though lusciously tasty, were visually lackluster. The flavor was reminiscent of fresh buttercream, and comprised of fluffy powdered sugar and buoyant marshmallows. The texture was initially soft and supple on the fingertips, but quickly firmed up, leaving somewhat jagged edges and an imperfect matte finish. Lumpy icing was the cherry on top. I was discouraged. But I will try again soon.


In the meantime, when I was asked to bake a dozen Hanukkah-inspired cupcakes for my husband’s family’s holiday party, I thought of making my own fondant again, but decided to go with Fondx brand; the fondant molded gorgeously to make Tiffany-blue stars and quilted toppers and bows. I also made little snow-capped mountains, frosting-topped cupcakes that my son said looked like the North Mountain from Frozen.


The cupcakes and icing were flavored with coconut milk and vanilla bean.


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