Pocky Cake

Cakes • 7 Oct 2014

My son is obsessed with Pocky, thin cookie sticks dipped generously in creamy milk chocolate, matcha-infused white chocolate, strawberry-infused white chocolate, mint chocolate and cookies and cream, to name a few. I’m pretty sure he’s cultivated a master plan to acquire the world’s supply of Pocky, perhaps even construct a small play house entirely of Pocky, or move to Japan to take over the Pocky factory.


As a reward for a good school week, we baked a miniature 4-inch Pocky cake- a vanilla bean and coconut cake with matcha green tea frosting, hugged by a fortress of strawberry and green tea pocky.


Might be time to buy Pocky stock!

2 Responses

  1. This is brilliance! My kids both love Pocky! Yay for buying in bulk at HMart.

  2. Mira

    What a beautiful little cake but w hat is Pocky?

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