Cakes to Celebrate Four Years

Cakes, Misc. musings • 23 Apr 2014

My son turned four last week. Four is a wondrous, prodigious age for a small child, though I admit it came upon us adults rather hastily. Four is a number to which to aspire; still less than five, the year in which “everything is going to happen,” but still an even, solid, round number.

My son is beyond thrilled to be four and he has been wearing his new age as a badge of honor. Overnight he adapted, developed, changed. He altered behaviors that had been irking me silently for months. He came of age, in a sense, recognizing erstwhile dormant abilities. It is stunning and scary and beautiful. He surprises me every day.

For the big f-o-u-r we have spoiled ourselves with cakes aplenty. He apparently inherited our collective sweet tooth.

Cheers to four!







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