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Giveaways • 15 Mar 2012

*Giveaway closed.

More than a recipe book, The Apple Lover’s Cookbook is a kaleidoscopic encyclopedia celebrating apples from a cultural perspective, as well as their impressive versatility and nuanced flavor subtleties. In Amy Traverso’s comprehensive tome, she categorizes apples based on taste and texture and delves into the ubiquitous fruit’s history. Traverso is not only an enthusiast but a true apple sommelier.

The book contains a stunningly glossy and vibrant guide to 59 apple varieties, each life-like photograph complete with flavor profiles, origin, availability and best uses in recipes. She takes us on the apple’s initial journey from Asia to America and introduces us to some of the industry’s most important players, from growers preserving heirlooms to the scientists breeding new varieties.

I loved reading about Red Apple Farm in Phillipston, Massachusetts that boasts home to the magical grafting tree. Al Rose, the farm’s proprietor, describes it as a “Technicolor tree” draped in multiple diverse apple varieties, which have been grafted and crossbred over time.

First and foremost, however, this book is a cookbook, with apple-centric recipes running the gamut from sweet to savory. Traverso includes a useful guide demonstrating the best ways to use each type of apple in cooking as well as an abridged cheat-sheet for easy substitutions, in case the variety of choice is unavailable.

She gives us the expected, like comforting apple pies, crisps and tarts. But she also gives us the unexpected, such as braised brisket with apples and hard cider and cider-braised pork with calvados. The thought of apple pie with cheddar-sage crust stirs a deep anticipation for apple season!

In addition to cooking tips, advice on proper apple storage and even a guide on peeling and coring apples, Traverso teaches us how to pair cider and cheese and provides a list of the country’s foremost apple festivals. She also lists notable apple products such as apple butter, apple tea and apple sorbet.

The Apple Lover’s Cookbook is an indispensably informative and inspiring guide to fans of the noble apple. Amy Traverso has written a classic book you will certainly want to add to your collection. And on that note, W.W. Norton & Company, the publisher, was kind enough to provide a copy of The Apple Lover’s Cookbook to give away. If you’d like a chance to win a copy, leave a comment stating your favorite apple dish, sweet or savory.

-Leave comment on this post between Thursday, March 15 and Monday, March 26, 11:59 EST.

-One entry per person, no anonymous comments.

-Open US residents only. Winner will be chosen randomly, notified via email and announced on this site. A copy of The Apple Lover’s Cookbook will be shipped via USPS.

45 Responses

  1. Applesauce with ginger and Italian prune plums!

  2. Gabe Cobas

    My wife make a killer apple cobbler thing with Quaker oats and cinnamon apples. So good!

  3. Kevin Delano

    I Love apples!
    I also love sandwiches. Which is why I love this:

    Apple Bacon Cheese Sandwich

    center cut bacon
    1-2 apples (preferrably something sweet, I like honey crisp apples for this one personally)
    sharp cheese is best (a good cheddar is nice…I have also had success with creamy mellow cheese as well. Muenster, Havarti…)

    Bread: I like a good thick sliced multigrain, my wife prefers a crusty bread or sourdough roll

    cook up your bacon nice and crispy, pat excess grease away with paper towel
    slice your apple thin so you can stack it
    With your bread, you should toast it with a little butter, but I prefer it grilled up nice in a pan (with butter of course)

    Once your bread is done, place your bacon, then cheese, then apple slices. Repeat process. Stack the sandwich to desired size, and serve.

    For an added kick, blend 1 block softened cream cheese, black pepper (about 1 tbsp) and honey (about 2-3 tbsp), and apply as a spread (don’t be afraid! It’s sinfully tasty)

  4. Loving your blog! I’d be happy to make you a dish from this book!

  5. Joy Ellen

    What a wonderful review of a beautiful book that sounds like fun to read and a must for apple aficionados. Your words have inspired me to buy the book.

  6. Had no idea there were so many different varieties of apple!

  7. Kate

    I want apple pie!

  8. My favorite is apple cake!! “Sari’s Apple Cake” is a recipie I brought home from preschool and every Fall we make this cake since I was little. Now I make it for my kids and at my restaurant!

  9. APPLE PIE, hands down my favorite apple dish. Oh, and the Washingtonian Sandwiches we had at Smith C.

  10. Duh. Warm Apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. Best ever!

  11. Tiffany

    Apple pie… With super flaky crust……..yummmmmmmmmmmm

  12. Jessica

    Fall is my favorite season because of apple picking. But I want apples every day. Thanks for this book suggestion!

  13. Dory

    There is nothing better than a crisp cold apple!!!! This book sounds great.

  14. i like to recreate the apple cake from ikea (i know, not so fancy!)–apple after apple all smashed together, piled high with crumble and a light crust.

  15. Stephanie

    Apples are such a marvelous ingredient. It’s so difficult for me to pick my favorite dish, but apple pie is definitely towards the top of the list. My apple pie has 3 to 4 varieties of apples in it and I think that is what makes all the difference! I use at least 1 tart variety, 1 starchy variety and 1 sweet variety and it gives wonderful flavor. Apple cake is also wonderful, though, as is hot apple cobbler and fresh pressed apple cider!

    My favorite way to eat an apple; however, is straight off the tree! There’s nothing like a fresh apple. Those grocery store apples that have been in cold storage for 8 months or more can’t hold a candle to the truly fresh, crispy ones! Yum. Now you’ve got me thinking of fall, apples, cider and cider donuts!

  16. Jill

    Favorite apple dish: Either Swedish apple pie – very similar to a cobbler and super easy to make, and so I was able to make it all on my own when I was quite young. Or green apple, brie, and arugula crepes.

    But as previously noted, there is nothing better than a crisp apple on a sharp fall day.

  17. Meira

    I love to use a variety of apples in my Thanksgiving Turkey stuffing. Since one of my daughters does not like celery I have been substituting crisp yellow, green and red apples as a substitute for celery.

  18. Kay Conn

    Core apple filled with heated butter and maple syrup so it thickens, plug with brioche bread, shove in a cinnamon stick, bake and serve with vanilla ice-cream!

  19. Peitra

    Apple crisp made with the tartest of of apples, topped with homemade whipped cream!

  20. I love dem apples! great blog Kate!

  21. Sean Maguire

    Good apple recipes are a must in the northeast. We’re always scrambling to use up what we pick. Last year, we had an ample supply of homemade applesauce as a result.

  22. Meryl

    I love Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake.

  23. Louis

    My favorite is old fashioned Apple Pie.

  24. Kaye

    My DH loves the Apple Butter I’m been making of late.

  25. Allie

    What a cool book! It’s boring, but I gotta go with apple pie.

  26. Lia Simpson

    Ever since I mastered a caramel apple pie, I’ve been looking for some more great apple recipes.

  27. Sallie Holt

    I love apple sliced with peanut butter!

  28. Catherine

    Current fave is apple crisp!

  29. Natalia

    Love me some apples !
    Always liked them, but have gained a new appreciation after going apple picking last year. They taste sooooo much better straight off the tree!

    Currently searching for the perfect apple pie/crisp. I feel most recipes I’ve tried have too much dough, I like it to feel more like baked apples on pastry.

  30. Reakky Kate? 59 varieties of apples??? That’s crazy…

  31. Becca

    I love making apple butter, then freezing it for a fall treat all year long.

    Apple crisp is my favorite dessert in the whole world. However, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect oaty topping. Sometimes when I make it, it isn’t crispy enough, sometimes too crispy. Perhaps this book has the answer? I’m looking for a topping that is chock full of the taste of butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar, and is crunchy yet not too hard. The search continues for this perfect recipe!

  32. There is an apple sandwich at our favorite local bar, Novare Res, that I just love! I has crisp apples, jalapeno jelly and sharp cheese.

  33. Rachel Turner-Lauck

    I’ve loved apples since day one! I had apple cake for my first birthday. One of my all time favorite apple recipes is the apple pie from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook. It’s a Thanksgiving classic, so delicious.

  34. Anything warm with apples is so good that it’s hard to chose. I’d have to say Apple Crisp. Although your mom threw together an apple bread pudding this past weekend that really was crazy yummy.

  35. Wendy

    Living in Washington state I’ve discovered many varieties of apples I’d never heard of before. I think my current favorite is the Ambrosia varietal! Yum! But for pies I stick to my Mom’s standard, Jonathan apples! She made the best apple pie (really!) 🙂 love your blog!!

  36. Maria

    I love apples +savory. Sauteed apples and onions would have to be one of my favorites. Also, apples and cheddar.

  37. Todd Putorti

    I like apples and things cooked with them. I’d take a free cookbook.

  38. Pat

    Loving everything apple these days…so would be sure to love this book!

  39. I would love to win this book because wayy back in the fall I sampled some of the apple cake that’s in The Apple Lover’s Companion. Matt at Kitchen Arts & Letters made some and had it out in the store to try. It was moist and full of apple flavor without being sticky or heavy. I would love to see what other delicious recipes are in here!

  40. So hard to pick a favorite! I love apples with almond butter on toast, apples in a grilled cheese sandwich, and tried a cider-glazed pork with roasted apples last fall that was to die for. Can I call that a three-way tie? I’ve had my eye on this book for some time; so lovely.

  41. cdb

    Mmm, have you ever tried freshly squeezed apple, grape and lime juice mixed with Gewurztraminer? A favorite juice/wine hack of mine from my days at The Other Side…seriously delicious, and you could pretend it was good for you, too!

  42. Deborah Kirschner

    My favorite is apple pie – warm with vanilla ice cream

  43. Julie P

    How about them apples? I am all about a simple sliced honeycrisp with a bit of very sharp raw milk cheddar. Nummy num num. Love your blog, Kate! Beautiful.

  44. Julie P

    Also, bizarre that my bosses’ pic showed up as my profile pic on this. I am an admin for their FB page. I wonder if that’s why. Hmmm…

  45. My very first job (at age 12) was working on an Apple Orchard selling apples, so I have a particular affinity to the nuance of this fine fruit! My favorite – the Macoun – in a salad of arugula with goat cheese, walnuts, and simple white wine vinaigrette. Thanks Kate – I love your website! Classy. Just like you. :o)

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