Cheese Review- Meyenberg Cheddar

Misc. musings • 1 Apr 2008

I usually feature stinky cheeses in this here blog, but this month, I’m giving the people what they want. I’m going with a mild cheese! I know what you are thinking: “This here princess of stinky cheese, the proprietress of stench, going with a cheese that doesn’t rouse the masses from olfactory latency?” Yeah, I’m going there, fast and furious. I’m not saying I’m not going to return to days of yore and pepper my blogging months with the smelliest cheese I can get my hands on, but this month, I’m going zen. This here wild child of cheese is goin’ mild!

That isn’t to say that this month’s cheese isn’t edgy. I’m in love with Meyenberg’s aged cheddar. In fact, I can’t get enough of it. I need to have a hunk of this zippy standby in the fridge at all times. It is so versatile- glistening between two crispy pieces of buttery grilled bread, wonderfully zesty when sprinkled on al-dente pasta. It is also yummy in my fiery scrambled egg whites. It helps round out an otherwise Tabasco-heavy concoction. It’s your everyman’s cheese, but with a twist. Most cheddars I’ve imbibed are made from cow’s milk, but this is a lovely goat’s milk cheddar, robust and complex, but very accessible. After all, it’s cheddar, and who doesn’t love a good cheddar?! It tastes like an Asiago. Its texture is dryer and less waxy than your average cheddar, however, much like a moister pecorino.

Meyenberg is made in California. Once Swiss immigrant Mr. Meyenberg himself realized that goat’s milk is more easily digested than cow’s milk, he began marketing his milk and was even the first American to evaporate the milk. Meyenberg produces fabulous cheese with a gourmet European sensibility.

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